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Client was with a friend who was arrested. When he questioned the cops he was also arrested for interference, assault common and resisting arrest. The matter was withdrawn in court.

Client was unlawfully arrested by the police after he had handed himself over for questioning. He was further brutally assaulted while in their custody for 3 months.

Client arrested by Eldorado park SAPS for alleged robbery. Mistaken identity and unlawfully detained for 48 hours.

Client’s brother was unlawfully arrested and assaulted by the police. He later died in police custody

Client resigned from his job at Gauteng Department of Education. He later found out staff members of the department had circulated information stating his employment was terminated for sexual misconduct. Which was an error that the system had captured. He lost out on job opportunities.

Client’s daughter died after giving birth at Telle Mogoerane Hospital due to the staff’s negligence.

Client unlawfully arrested and detained for 6 hours for alleged interference with JMPD in carrying out its functions.

Client arrested for alleged theft when she went to enquire the police officer said she is under arrest. She & complainant can sort it out at court. Client case was not placed on roll. She was kept in custody for about 10 hours.

Client was arrested for illegal gambling in the premises of his Vgambling store he was detained and placed in police cell which are not wheelchair friendly subsequently he fell and injured himself in the police cells

Clients unlawfully arrested and detained whilst working at premises purported to be legal gambling establishment.

Client was brutally assualted by the Red Ants during eviction proceedings in Lenasia South. Consequent the Client lost total vision in her right eye after she was shot in the face with a rubber bullet, resulting in an emergency operation to remove her eye.

Client was unlawfully arrested in the presence of her minor children. She had obtained a protection order against her former husband. Despite the order, client was unlawfully arrested by members of the police on a false charge of assault common and held in custody whilst her minor children were left without adult supervision for the period of her detention.

Clients arrested and detained for alleged robbery and kept in custody for 7 days. Clients released after complainant indicated clients not robbers.

Client unlawfully detained at Mondeor SAPS for 4 days for alleged shop lifting and released on bail after 4 days in custody.

Client was arrested in Joburg and sent to Sandringham police station for detention he was falsely arrested under a wrong case number, the man spent 30 days in prison for this matter

Client Chrissenda Jacobs who was owed salary for a period of three (3) months by employer. Haki Legal Clinic wrote a letter of demand on behalf of client and referred matter to the Department of Labour after which the matter was successfully resolved. 

Client was arrested for trespassing in her own home, the case was thrown out of court from Kliptown police station she was hence transported to the high court for her trial but no trial matter was set down against her

Client was arrested in her home without reason or warrant of arrest presented to her, she was given a cell phone to call her son to inform him that he is also wanted by the police, she was taken to protea court and subsequently released

Medical staff at Helen Joseph operated on wrong wrist of client in contravention of her stated medical complaint.

Client was managing a popular musician (Nasty C) and signed several agreements with Mabala Noise. Both Nasty C and Mabala Noise have breached the terms of those agreements.

Client was arrested by 2 male officers with out any presence of female officer she was harassed by male officers forcing her to change in-front of them, she was also not given a valid reason for her arrest the was also abused despite not resisting the arrest she was taken to Roodepoort police station and hence placed in the cells

Client was standing next to another gentleman when a police vehicle drove by the gentleman next to client threw something to the ground which police officers witnessed upon closer inspection it ascertained that it was a fire arm client was hence detained and spent 2 days in jail

Client arrested for alleged assault when he laid complaint against two persons who had assaulted him. Client was detained for 3 days and client released from custody when matter not placed on court roll.

Haki Legal Clinic acted on behalf of two (2) minor males charged with robbery with aggravating circumstances involving the use of a knife.  Both minors had been in custody for a period of three (3) months with no bail.  Haki Legal Clinic successfully lodged a bail application and secured their release into the care of their guardians.  Haki then made successful representations to the Senior Public Prosecutor for the boys to be placed in a supervised diversion programme, and after completion of the programme all criminal charges were withdrawn against both accused minors.

Clients arrested for alleged house robbery detained for 27 days. Charges withdrawn by state on merits.

Client allegedly arrested and detained on charge of assault common

Client possessions stolen from SAPS safe and credit card used whilst client was in custody

Client arrested and detained for alleged theft of motor vehicle for 3 days. Released when matter not placed on the court roll.

Client was robbed of vehicle and vehicle used in robbery. Robbers ran away and client arrested. Charges later withdrawn against client.

Client unlawfully arrested and detained for 24 hours for alleged housebreaking and theft. Client released when prosecutors refused to prosecute on merits.

Client arrested for alleged fraud because she introduced the suspect to the complainant. Was Detained from Friday until Monday. Case removed from the roll.

The estate was reported to the Master of the South Gauteng High Court in 2001 after the death of Mr. Figlan.  The immovable property was occupied by a relative who was raised by the deceased and his wife.  The children of the deceased disputed the right to inherit of the ‘adoptive’ relative.  After successful mediation by the Haki Legal Clinic a settlement agreement was signed conferring the right of occupancy to the ‘adoptive’ relative for the duration of his natural life.  The title deed was to be transferred into the name of the rightful heirs, two children of the deceased. 

Haki has been going to Sinani Elderly Day Care to help the elderly draft wills and plan their estates. This is done approximately once a month and to date we have assisted over 50 families.

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